Week of April 23 – 29

Oh my goodness!  We are finally heading into the final stretch of the semester.  I know so much more now that when I started at the beginning of this school year.  As I reflect back on the rest of the year, I can hardly recall a time when I had difficulty counting in binary, or programming in MIPS.  Before I started on this research team, I was aware that neural networks existed, but I had no idea how they worked.  Now I’m learning about the various types of neural networks, such as multi-layer perceptrons, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Convolutional Neural Networks.   I have gone to several conferences, and met a lot of new people at those conferences.   I have learned that computer vision is no trivial task, and that managing your time wisely is crucial.  I’ve also learned that being a team leader is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. This has been an incredible experience, and I am grateful that I was able to participate.

My focus for this week has been to work on writing the final report paper for CRA-W .  I am doing a literature review, and taking notes of things I want to include in the report, which will be due next week.  I’ve assigned similar tasks to the other people in our group, and we will meet next week to discuss our findings and to incorporate them into the report.


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