Week of April 30 – May 6

This week has been really exhausting.  Between classes ending, instructors deciding to throw more stuff at us at the last second, and writing our report, I think everyone is just tired.  We have all put in really long hours this week, trying to write a report that accurately reflects everything that we’ve accomplished this year.  I am incredibly grateful that the final report is due before we have to study for our final exams.  I don’t think I could handle having to do both at the same time.  Now I can concentrate on my exams.  I have mixed feelings.  One the one hand, I am sad that we are closing the chapter on this year of research.  On the other, I am looking forward to my Visiting Faculty Program internship this summer at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs working with machine learning and protein chains.  I anticipate that I will learn a great deal this summer.